Monday, July 30, 2012


This little Bug has joined the ranks of nursery.  Mommy is happy that she can listen to the Sunday School lesson but she misses her pal.  Brynn has a hard time when Mommy leaves but settles down and has a blast with the toys and the snacks. 

Friday, July 27, 2012


My DVR can wait...

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Yes, I do camp...

Back in June we decided we actually needed to open the tent we bought and use it.  Novel idea!  We wanted to go to the mountains and knew the girls would love it. 

Here are the life lessons I learned on this camping trip:
1)  Check the weather. 
     I assumed that since it is North Carolina and it is June it will be hot.  Not so much.  I packed shorts and short sleeves for the girls and just randomly threw their jackets and a pair of pants in the suitcase for good measure.  As we are setting up it got colder and colder.  I finally changed the girls into warmer clothes.  Also, around 10pm it started raining and it didn't stop until 12pm, the next day!  So let's recap:  It was cold and then it started raining so it got colder.  Since we couldn't cook the pancakes at camp like we planned we opted for McDonald's.  I haven't had a McGriddle in years but it was heavenly after the night we had.  We had to check out of the camp site at 11am.  If you are doing the math then you will realize that Kevin and I had to break camp...while it rained...and it was cold.  We put the girls in the car, loaded them with snacks, put the back hatch up as a shelter and folded, packed, and crammed things in as best we could.  When we folded the tent it had a pocket of water that we had to get out.  Kevin and I are getting soaked and all we can do is laugh.  I looked at Kevin and realized that years from now we will look back on this and laugh so why not laugh at it right now.  
To be honest, I was worried about Brynn.  She is NOT the best sleeper.  She was still getting used to walking on a flat surface so imagine running around a camp site.  Well, I hate to tell myself "I told you so", but, well... Self, I told you so. She would not go to sleep.  The rain kept waking her up.  And when she woke up she screamed.  Finally at 1am Kevin loaded her in the car and drove her down the Blue Ridge Parkway to put her to sleep.  At 3am she finally fell asleep so Kevin stayed in the car with her. It might be awhile before we take her camping again. 

2)  Love where you are, right now...
    So, in summary, it is raining, it is cold, we are tired, and we are dirty, but we are also in the mountains.  After breakfast and breaking camp the rain finally stopped but the fog stayed.  We actually wondered if we should call it good and head home or try for Grandfather Mountain.  We were so close that we couldn't pass up that chance.  We make our way in the park and pop in the audio tour CD we got with our tickets.  It was awesome.  I say that even though the narrator/tour guide is telling us to glance around and notice all these awesome points of interest and all we saw was fog.  We drove to the top and made our way to the bridge.  It was so cool! We really loved the Nature Center there in the park and got to see bears, eagles, and deer.  The cougars were MIA.  I am constantly reminded of how much I love living in North Carolina.  I come to these unique spots and fall in love with my home all over again. 

Friday, July 20, 2012


The laundry can wait...

Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer Bucket list 2012

Our family sat down one summer's eve night and drafted the Walker's Summer Bucket list 2012.  It is beautiful to behold.

We have since gone back and ratified the document and after it was debated and voted upon it went into effect immediately. 

First order of business, "Real" bowling.  Let me explain.  Caroline has grown to love Wii bowling.  When she is in charge of the activity for FHE she chooses bowling every time.  We took her bowling one Saturday after she finished her chores and she loved it.  So now to distinguish the two she calls going to the bowling ally "Real" bowling. 
Of course she chooses a pink ball every time.  She also goes back and forth between using the ramp and just rolling the ball.  Either way she just jumps up and down while the bowl S-L-O-W-L-Y makes its way to the pins.  

Another Bucket List item that has lots of check marks beside it is the pool!  We bought a summer pass to Bur-Mil and while we don't love the long drive out there we love the slides, whirlpool, and zero entry.  
My Brynn Bug is going to give me a heart attack before the summer is over.  She has not an ounce of fear in her.  She will stand on the sides of the pool, barely wait for me to get into position and then just jump right in.  She loves to go underwater and loves the Tot slide. 
My little fish...

I have learned with Caroline I need to put her sunscreen on in the parking lot and get her ready before we walk in.  Once she is in she is gone!  We are signing her up for swim lessons next week.  She is a great swimmer with her float on but I am ready for her to get to the next level.  

If you are on Instagram find me  (@milo1604) and post your own summer bucket list photos.  Use the #summerbucketlist so we can see what fun stuff you are doing.  

Up next...camping!!

Friday, July 13, 2012


The dishes can wait...

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


My Girls love going to Grandma's house.

Who wouldn't.

She usually has cookies in her cookie jar, a whole container of Legos, and a backyard playground to rival any park.

Oh, and there is cousin Katy... 

These pictures are scrumptious.  I just might have to break down and print these...

Monday, July 9, 2012

Cruise 2012

Kevin and I have been trying to go on a cruise for over 3 years now and it has never worked out until this past Spring.  We begged and pleaded with Grandma and Grandpa to watch the girls for us and then set out on an AWESOME vacation!  It was a little stressful for us to leave the girls knowing we would have some days were we could not be reached at all but we trusted that things would work out and we did.  So I will show you our vacation pics and give you some of my travel tips (because I am such a pro now.)
 *Consider the driving time part of your vacation.  Kevin and I had to drive 12 hours to Miami and we loved using that time to catch up, listen to music, look at the scenery, etc.  But make sure your AC works really well in your car first.  :(

 Have as many meals as you can outside.  This is where we ate breakfast on the first morning.  Good Morning, Key West!

 Don't be afraid to be a nerd.  Yes, while we were bicycling through paradise I stopped and got a picture at the Hemingway Home.  And yes, there were a million cats running around and no I did not stop to count their toes. 
 Get other people to take pictures of you and your honey.  I doubt we will ever be there again and I wanted to remember everything. 

 TAKE LOTS OF PHOTOS.  You can always edit them down later. 
Ok, we say goodbye to Key West and hello to...

 Be sure to prepare yourself for motion sickness.  This boat may look harmless but going a bajillion miles an hour over choppy water is a killer. 

 Spend the money on excursions.  Kevin and I really researched which excursion we wanted to spend our money on.  We toured the ruins of Tulum and there are no words to describe how amazing they were.  Our tour guide was knowledgeable, the views were spectacular, and we both had a dream come true. 

That vacation was so great.  I told Kevin I wanted to get off the boat, wash our clothes at a laundromat, and keep cruising. 

 2014?  Anyone?