Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bowl Licker

I have reached the level of "best mom in the world." I taught Caroline the fine art of licking the beaters and a bowl after baking. It is a fine art and Caroline did a great job. I would give her little tastes of the brownies I was baking. Of course she was hooked. After that she couldn't get enough. So when I finally put the brownies in the oven I put a little bit of the batter left on the spoon and let her go to town. She was a pro. She licked that spoon clean!

Monday, January 28, 2008


It is amazing how fast Caroline is growing up. One minute she is tripping over her own feet, the next she is learning how to walk down the stairs. One day she is taking calculated steps toward me, the next she is running away from Kevin because he is chasing her. Next month she will go to nursery during church. I am excited that I get to go to class and not have to wrestle with her, but I am starting to feel some separation anxiety. Will she be OK? What if she gets tired? What if she is sleepy? I bet that she will have so much fun she won't even remember my name.
Caroline is also talking so much more. She can say "nose, shoes, and cheese." Of course it sounds more like "no, oos, and eez." The fact isn't that Caroline is talking more, it is just that my translation skills are getting better. She understands so much more. I can ask her to get Lambchop off her chair and she walks right over and does it. She is getting more and more independent. She can do so many things on her own now. My baby is growing up.