Monday, February 22, 2010

Photo Essay

Caroline's class. I don't think she has any discipline problems.

My favorite Valentine's present.

Our Sunday afternoon

My To Do List

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Friday am

Making breakfast

Going to the office

Monday, February 1, 2010


It snowed here in the Triad, a good 6-7 inches. It made this really cool white blanket that made everything look pretty and clean. Love that!

The bad news: It snowed a good 6-8 inches here in the Triad. That means we Southerners go into survival mode. (Read: Freak out and buy all the milk and bread in the store that isn't nailed down.) On Friday afternoon about, oh, 5:15 I had the bright idea that I needed not milk (had that), not bread (got that), but a fridge pack of Pepsi. If I am going to survive this blizzard I was was going to do it in style. The CVS by my house didn't have the caffeine free kind (I am trying to be good.) so I decided I would just run to Lowe's Food. There wasn't a parking space to be found. While driving around to find a space I told Caroline the game plan: We would run in, grab the one item, and run out. (Mwahahahahah!)
I walked in and the lines were backed up in the aisles. I knew it would be like this so I grabbed the box, walked out to the madness, and breathed...
I found a line for cash only, thanked my stars that I had some (I usually NEVER have cash.), paid and left. As we walked outside and got in the car, the snow started falling. By the time I got home (about 5 minutes away) it was coming down pretty hard.
That was Friday afternoon about 5:45 and I didn't leave my apartment complex until Monday afternoon. Count people...TWO and a Half days!!!!! Church was canceled on Sunday and the roads kept refreezing at night so I couldn't go anywhere. Oh, and Kevin worked all weekend 10 am-8pm (which translates to 9am-9pm.) On Sunday night I was ready to go postal. So this morning the three of us got out of the house and stayed out almost all day. It was sweet freedom.

The good news: We got to play, play, play in the snow!

Yes, that is the lid to a plastic box.

The fine art of snow angles

Look at those faces!

The good news: The snow is beginning to melt and life is getting back to normal.
The bad news: Snow is in the forecast for Friday and Saturday.
Better get to the store now for more Pepsi!