Saturday, May 10, 2014

Soccer Season (Russell)

Well, I can't leave the boy out. 

He was such a good cheerleader!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Soccer Season (Brynn)

Up next is our Bug...

A friend told me that in the 3 year old division of soccer if you can teach the kids how to not use their hands and which goal to score in you have had a successful day.  So true. 
Her coach was so patient with the players.    Brynn learned to move the ball down the field with a game called "Tick Tock".  She learned to get past a player with a game of "Shark vs. Minnows".  But most of all she learned to have fun.  

Before practice Brynn would tell me how she wanted her hair done and I would have to convince her that "No, we don't wear dresses to play soccer."  My favorite is when she asked for Anna braids.

It was so fun to watch her run all over the field without a care in the world.  We could hear her giggling the whole time from the side lines.  If you have never seen a group of 3 year olds play soccer do yourself a favor and try it.  It is the most entertaining thing to see. 

In almost every picture I have of her playing she has her tongue out.:)

Up next gymnastics...

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Soccer Season (Caroline)

Both girls decided they wanted to play soccer this year so we signed them up for the YMCA league.  They were super excited.

Caroline has never played soccer before but wanted to try something different.
Her team had a mix of kids who were new to the game and seasoned veterans.  She was really nervous.  She was honestly scared of the ball and would not go after it like some of the other kids did.  We even had one game where the ball whizzed past her head and she walked off the field in tears.  We soon discovered that she was scared a ball would hit her and knock her tooth that was loose at the time out. 

Well, good news.  The tooth came out on its own and she was a whole new player.  She realized she likes playing goalie.  In one game she made 4 saves!!  She was on cloud 9.

A coach taught her how to do a goalie kick to help her team mates and she did great!  Her confidence level was through the roof.
She finished her season on Friday night and is already asking if she can play again next year.  As Brynn said, "She is the best goalie in the world!"