Thursday, January 13, 2011

Side Effects...

**Warning: The following pictures are too cute for words. Look at them at your own risk. Side effects of this amount of cuteness could include: sudden baby fever, constant "oooo-ing and aaaahhhing", giddy-ness, a sudden urge to come to Greensboro to visit us, etc. Whatever you do, refrain from kissing your computer screen. (That is just gross)**

PS. Now comes the hard part. I have to choose one for her birth announcements. Yikes!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011


I know you really want some more pictures of my sweet Brynn. They are coming soon but in the mean time I thought I would tell you about our Christmas (aka the calm before the storm).
I thought I would describe Christmas the same way Kevin and I have been talking about it for about 4 months spelling it out for you. We have been speaking in code about Santa, travel, gifts, etc. around Caroline. I have a feeling our time is running out on that luxury. So, here we go...

1. D-o-l-l-h-o-u-s-e
Caroline hit the jackpot with Santa this year. She got a sweet dollhouse with a family, 2 rooms and a mini-van. It has been so much fun watching her interact with the mommy, daddy, and babies. At one point Dad was upstairs watching TV while Mom was cooking dinner. Hmmmmm.....

2. W-i-l-m-i-n-g-t-o-n
On Christmas Day Caroline and I traveled to Wilmington with my mom. Kevin had to work and then he joined us. We got to hang out with family and eat until we were delirious. Caroline and Ava Grey got matching PJs. Too cute!
3. F-o-o-d
We ate like kings this holiday. I had a good excuse being 8 1/2 months pregnant. What is it about Christmas that makes it ok to eat crazy foods and crazy hours of the day? It's 8am...a chocolate chip cookie sounds great. We had Christmas dinner at my mom's and also at the Walker's. Everything was delicious.

4. A-u-n-t-E-m and U-n-c-l-e-C-h-r-i-s
Emily and Chris were able to come to Wilmington for Christmas this year. We were so excited. We haven't seen them in about a year. I was worried that my midwife was going to tell me I couldn't travel and I wouldn't be able to see them. We all went to the movies (True Grit, amazing!), hung out and enjoyed each other. We can't wait for our reunion this summer!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What you really came for...

Brynn Rebecca Walker
December 30, 2010
7 lbs. 1 oz.
21 inches

More to come...