Monday, December 8, 2008

Thanksgiving for the rest of us...

We got to travel to NC for Thanksgiving this year and to break up the trip we decided to head to Winston-Salem and check it out. Since we might be moving there we wanted to get a feel for the place. We stayed in a hotel there and drove around the city. The next day we went to the Children's Museum were Caroline had a ball...
The museum had a "grocery store" where she could use a shopping cart her size. I was so proud of her because she filled the cart up with a lot of fake fruit and vegetables, but then she saw the fake cake and pastries and took every last one of them.

The kids could check themselves out with a cute cash register. The best part was everything was her size: the shelves, the register, the carts, etc. She had a blast.

Beside the grocery store was a Krispy Kreme store. Since KK was started in Winston-Salem it made sense. It had the doughnut making machine and fake doughnuts for the kids to use. She loved it. They also had an art room for the kids to color and play. It was so much fun. It was money well spent. It also got her tired for the trip to Wilson.

We had Thanksgiving at Tanya and Brian's house in their new remodeled kitchen. It was so good! Caroline played so hard with her daddy and her uncles that she slept on Aunt B's comfy bed for 3 hours.

Since everyone was scattered on Thanksgiving day we had a Thanksgiving dinner Friday night at the Walkers. Mom found this soft rug in her closet and put it out for the girls to play on. Katy and Caroline together again.