Sunday, March 30, 2008

New Day, New Pictures

Here are a few cute pictures that I have snapped in the past few days. We are getting ready for our trip to Wilmington. Can't wait to see everyone.
Kevin surprised me and came home for my birthday. What a sweet guy! Of course Caroline thought he came home for her. He was taking pictures of Caroline and she wanted to see them. Such a cute moment.
I was reading one morning while Caroline was watching Sesame Street and playing. I looked up and found her trying to change her teddy bear's "diaper"! She laid the bear down, got our basket we keep her diapers in and opened the diaper up. She was a little unsure what to do after that. Later on that night Kevin was playing with her and she tried it again. He helped her by handing her a wipe. She wiped the bear's bottom and then they put the diaper on the bear. It was too funny.

Hannah came over to play and feel in love with Caroline's shopping cart (Thanks again Janine!) Of course Caroline got jealous so we found a solution so both girls would be happy. We put Hannah in and let Caroline push. They giggled the whole time. Tarrah and I watched as Caroline pushed Hannah all around the house. Those girls crack us up.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Hunt is on...

Caroline got to go on her first Easter Egg Hunt at church today. The Primary Presidency had a great idea and had a 5 and under section and the big kids section. It was great. Caroline found an egg and as Kevin was explaining that you have to put it in the basket she discovered there was stuff in it. So she only found 2 eggs total. She had a great time. While the big kids were still looking they brought out a bubble machine for her group and she was mesmerized. Below are some cute pictures of the girl.

PS. this is Kevin's last week on this rotation. He will be in Atlanta for the next rotation doing pediatric ER. We will be traveling to NC the first weekend in April so we can't wait to see everyone.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Piedmont Park

Tarrah and I took our girls to Piedmont Park today. The weather was great, the girls were excited and we got to experience a little bit of Atlanta. We walked around the park and then got some lunch. We let the girls slide and play at the playground. Caroline loved the slide and could climb the steps and slide down all by herself. She did it over and over again. It was hard making her leave because I had to literally tear her away. Of course the girls were so tired they feel asleep on the way home. We had so much fun. New adventures next week...

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Nursery Day

Caroline went to nursery for the first time. It did not go well. Kevin took her into the nursery room and she went straight to the toys. I had to teach Sunday School, but apparently Caroline only lasted about 10 minutes when she realized that we were not in the room. The nursery leaders tried to comfort her and give her a snack but she was having none of it. Kevin was standing in the hallway and came in to sit with her. She put a death grip on him and would not let go. He finally took her out. When I got done with my class I decided to try it again. We went back in and she sat in my lap for a minute and then she decided to join the others for a snack. She sat and colored and played for awhile, but every now and then she would glance up to see if I was still there. She did much better with me in the room. Kevin and I have decided that we are going to treat this like we did when we helped her learn to put her self to sleep. That was a long hard week, but it was worth it. I know that as time goes on she will come to love nursery.