Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What I did on my summer vacation v2.0

I know it has been forever since I posted but I have a great excuse...IT'S SUMMER! Plan and simple. We have been enjoying the warm weather, the pool right out our back door and any free time that Kevin has. I have lots to tell you but here is our adventures in the great outdoors.

We have been talking with Kevin's family about meeting somewhere in NC and camp. We finally did it. I was worried about Caroline since she has never camped before. We got her a princess sleeping bag awhile back since she was doing so well with potty training. We borrowed a tent from Mom and Dad. We left on Friday afternoon and drove to Morrow Mountain. Mom and Dad got there on Wednesday and Laura and Donny got there on Thursday. As soon as we arrived we went to the pool located in the park. Caroline was all about that. She and Katy jumped into the pool, played in the kiddie area and showed everyone how they could float. After the pool we headed back for dinner and smores. As it got darker Caroline and Katy remembered their flashlights and had flashlight wars until we finally had to turn on the lantern Mom and Dad brought. We got Caroline ready for bedand she realized that she would be sleeping in a tent...in her sleeping bag. This is what I was worried about. I had visions of her running toward the car screaming she wanted to go home. That was not the case. She was so excited about the whole idea she didn't even want to tell people goodnight. She barely napped all day and played hard with her family so she was out in no time.

On Saturday we had a great breakfast (Kevin made pancakes and bacon and eggs). Laura and Donny decided they needed to get Katy home because she wasn't feeling well. We decided to take Dad's new canoe to the lake. Again, I thought Caroline would be terrified of getting in the canoe, but she loved it. She had to sit in my lap so Brian and Kevin rowed for us. We saw birds and turtles and trees. It was awesome. We came back to the dock, dropped Caroline off with mom and dad and I got my chance to row. When we got back to the dock, Brian, kevin and Dad had a turn. Caroline had a blast sitting in Papa's truck in the AC eating snacks. When everyone was done, we loaded up the canoe and went back to break camp. Caroline fell asleep on the way back to the camp site so we let her sleep while we took everything down. She was not happy when she had to say goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa. We had such a good time and have already made plans to go again in Sept/Oct.

Setting up the tent. Caroline is "helping"

There was a little stump in the campsite so Caroline used it as a stage. She is singing to Katy.
There were deer that would come right into the camp. Grandpa and Caroline were feeding this one cereal.
She talked about the canoe for days after.

The top of Morrow Mountain