Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Gearing up...

Caroline and I are getting ourselves packed for our flight to Wilmington. We are coming home to visit, because Kevin is out of town, and I have a fun bridal shower to attend. Here are some new pictures to tide you over until we get back. Love you all.

A rare photo op. I am in the picture. This is us at Piedmont Park.

Caroline loves the slides.

Way up high!

Caroline is in the phase were she doesn't like to wear a shirt. If I take her shirt off for any reason, I will not be able to catch her to put another one back on for at least 1 hour. If finally have to grab her and hold her down to put it on.

We finally got some grass to grow!

Can't wait to see everyone soon!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

More pics

While Joseph and the Walker's were here we got to take in a Braves game!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Lost in Lost...

Forgive me for not updating. Ever since I got home from NC I have been watching old reruns of Lost on-line. It gets awesomer and awesomer. So that is my excuse. When I put the squirrel down at night I will watch an episode or two. Anyway...
Some crazy stuff has been going on lately. First, we had a packed house for a few days. Our brother in law, Joseph stayed with us so he could attend a conference. Well, he came for Braves games and there just happened to be a conference going on:) Just kidding. Kevin's parents (ie. Mom and Dad) and Brian also came. They stayed in a hotel since we have such a small townhouse and we only have one bath. We had so much fun with everyone. When Kevin finally lets go of the digital camera I will post some of those pics.
Second, I rode to NC with the Walkers so I could spend some time with Tanya in her new kitchen. We went to the Bennett's for Brian's birthday and had a great time. Caroline especially...
Caroline and Katy got to spend some quality time together. They loved splashing in the puddles.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Yard Work...

Kevin and I have started working on our front lawn. After we raked the leaves up we noticed that the previous owners put tarp down over the ground. The only problem is they didn't do any clean up work first, they just put it down. They left stumps, grass, bark, rocks, etc. ARGGGGGGGG! We pulled everything up and put the leaves in refuse bags. We ended up with 25 bags.

Next week we will till the ground and plant grass seed. Caroline has been a great helper. She insists that we get out her rake every time we are outside.
Check back to see how it turns out.

A Few Pictures...

Enjoy!She found my headphones and knew exactly what to do with them!

Like Father, Like daughter...