Thursday, July 4, 2013

Film is not Dead: Topsail Island 2013

So we bought a house.
More on that later...
A few months before that we made plans with some dear friends to rent a beach house at Topsail Beach.
As I was packing up our house I rediscovered a ziploc bag full of film that I've had for who knows how long.  I decided to only take film on our trip and challenge myself.  Every time I took a picture I would look on the back of the camera to "see it"!  I've been spoiled by my digital camera for too long.  But doing this project has reminded me of my LOVE of film.  I am in love with these images.  And I think it added to the memories of the trip.
Ok, I'll stop so you can enjoy...

PS  All of these are straight from my camera.  They have not been edited.