Saturday, January 3, 2009

Are we still friends?...

Ok. Don't hate me. I have a valid excuse for why you have seen the same Thanksgiving pictures for the past few weeks. You can take your pick. Here are my excuses in random order...
#1 Kevin graduated. I know you won't believe me so here are some great pictures
I am so proud of him and so glad it is over. The ceremony was great. It was also so nice to have family there to help us celebrate. Tanya, Brian B., Laura, Donny, Katy, Mom, Dad, and Brian came down. Donny's favorite part of the whole weekend was riding the Pink Pig. :)

#2 NYC - about a year ago Kevin and I made plans to go on a cruise right after graduation and before Christmas to get away and to celebrate. Those plans fell through so we decided to go to NYC instead. It was so cool. Mom and Dad watched Caroline for us and so we took off for about 4 days total. We drove (why?) and spent about 2 days in the city. Here are some cool pictures to prove it...
Rockerfeller Center

"It's Christmas Time in the city"

An authentic New York slice

Of course I would take a picture in front of the library!

The next 2 pics are the view from our hotel.
#3 Christmas - We had a crazy, stressful, fun Christmas. This was the year that Caroline really got into all of it. She loved lights. She even screamed if she saw any. She loved the songs, and was ok when she saw Santa. This year she cleaned house with Santa Claus. She must have read to the blind after volunteering at the soup kitchen. She got a kick out of opening presents. It made Christmas fun again.

#4 - We moved back to NC!
Kevin and I left the Sunday after Christmas to go to Atlanta and pack up our house for a few days without Caroline. His family came on Wednesday and helped us pack up the house where we took our stuff to a storage unit in Greensboro. My blood pressure went up just typing that. We are staying with the Walkers until Kevin starts his job and we find a house in the Triad area.
Caroline liked to "help" pack some boxes

Controlled chaos
We are in the process of renting our house out. We might have a potential renter but we are just hammering out some details.

Now that we have working internet and a roof over our heads I will be able to update our house hunting and next big move, crossed fingers and the creek don't rise...