Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mad Skillz

I am teaching Brynn the fine art of getting a Sheetz fountain drink.

Step 1: You choose your cup size. You don't want to go to small or you will be done with the drink before you leave the store but your don't want the Pre-Diabetic size either. You will be running to the potty all day. Aim for the middle size, just enough to savor but not too much that it will be watery before you finish.
Step 2: Dispense the perfect amount of ice. Just enough to keep your drink cold but not too much that you have a little bit of Pepsi to go with your ice.

Step 3: Fill your cup with the sweet nector of the gods that is Pepsi. Now pay attention. Fill it up until the fizz is at the top and then STOP AND WAIT. Let the fizz go down. This will leave you with more room to add more Pepsi. Patience is a virtue that will pay off in droves.

Step 4: (Optional): If you are getting a snack (and you are at Sheetz which has the best snacks so this is just a given) follow steps 1-3 first and sip on your drink while you peruse the aisles. When you are juuuuust about to check out, top her off my friends.

Make it one for my baby
and one more for the road...

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Film is not Dead...

If I looked hard enough, somewhere in this house is the first picture I ever took. When I was about 8 years old a family friend gave me a CHEAP plastic camera that didn't have numbers on the lens but pictures of clouds, a sun, and a bulb. I had no idea what I was doing but I saw a beautiful pine tree with snow on it and I knew I NEEDED to capture it. I needed some way to put that tree in my back pocket, so I took the picture. That started my obsession with cameras, pictures, and film.

My fascination with film was tabled a few years ago when I purchased my first digital camera and while I love it, it doesn't hold the magic that film does for me.
So I decided to get back to my roots. Thanks to some advice from my friend, Jackie H., I purchased an eBook from the insanely talented Jonathan Canlas, dug out my old film SLRs, bought me some film and went to town.

The following pictures are straight from the camera. They have not been post-edited. Period!

Sick, right!

I love film! Always have and now, I always will!

**Post Edit: For you Jackie, The film is Portra 160 35mm. The camera is a mix between Minolta and a Cannon. And, get ready for this, I got them developed at TARGET! (((Newbie)))